Mass Effect Infiltrator iOS Game App

Some people just can’t get enough of shooter games, especially on their mobile devices. And with iOS devices now capable of high resolution gaming, the game app titles are increasingly getting the console-like experience. One such game app available is the Mass Effect Infiltrator iOS game app.

The Mass Effect Infiltrator game app is an exciting shoot em’ up game in the mold of its namesake. It is not actually related to any storyline on Mass Effect but has something entirely separate. In this game app, players become a rogue Cerberus agent named Randall Ezno who procures aliens for experiments at a secret facility. But when the experiments go too far, Randall fights back and vows to bring down Cerberus. But first, he needs to get out of the Cerberus base and bring information of the secret research done there to the Alliance.

The game is based on Randall trying to escape from the base. Players get to encounter different alien soldiers who are intent of eliminating them before they can make the escape. Tap and swipe controls are ideal for the fast-paced fighting that happens during the game. Players can upgrade their weapons and gear with credits. They can also use high tech armor and weapons to more effectively do battle with the enemies. The game is now updated with manual aiming as well as a bonus mission included. Mass Effect Infiltrator iOS game app is currently available at the App Store for a $1 download.

Image Source: App Store

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