Martin Logan Ethos ESL Speaker

It takes a special speaker to recreate sound quality detailed enough to mimic its source. Although such speakers may be quite expensive, some people would want them for the more accurate sound reproduction they provide. The same thing may be true to people who would want the Martin Logan Ethos ESL Speaker.

The Martin Logan Ethos ESL speaker designed mainly for audiophiles with a sensitive preference for accurate sound and details. The technology behind this type of speaker sheds some light to what it can do. The Martin Logan Ethos features the advanced XStat electrostatic technology for excellently realistic audio reproduction. Through it the speaker becomes capable of reproducing the entire frequency range that is most sensitive to human hearing.

For low bass sounds, the Martin Logan Ethos features a 24-Bit Vojtko Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine working along with a 200-watt amplifier to produce powerful low level bass sounds despite its compact design. You can check out the Martin Logan Ethos ESL speaker at the Martin Logan site. It does not come cheap though with a price tag of around US$6,500.

Image Source: Martin Logan

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