Marshal MAL2635S Smart HDD Case

Hard disk drive casings may mean nothing much other than to protect hard drives installed inside. If only they can provide other features that can make them offer some added functions. Fortunately an electronics manufacturer from Japan has done something quite similar.

Marshal is releasing a special hard disk drive that may feature something other hard drive casings may not. The Marshal MAL2635S Smart HDD Case is an external case for 3.5 inch SATA/SATA II HDD’s. They call it a smart HDD case because it features a series of LED indicators that will provide users with information just how much unused storage space remains on the drive inside. The Marshal MAL2635S also features an aluminum body to help prevent overheating. A power saving feature allows the drive to automatically save power after the drive sits idle for 10 minutes. The casing weighs 466 grams without the hard drive. By its design, the manufacturers may by aiming the Marshal MAL2635S Smart HDD Case for the international market. There’s no word yet on how much it will cost though.

Image Source: Marshal

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