Marriage-Hunting Bra

Marriage-Hunting Bra

This has got to be the best thing to come out for women who have a fear of becoming old maids.

The Marriage-Hunting bra is designed by Triumph International "to help the marriage-minded women find a husband" by displaying the remaining time she has until her ideal wedding date.

This is a really amusing device because aside from the LED display that shows the woman’s ideal wedding date, the bra itself – which is made of white lace and which resembles the bodice of a wedding dress – has a number of fairly useful (albeit comical) features. It has a ring holder (for when the wearer finally receives a proposal), and pockets for pens and official stamp seal, for when the wearer is finally ready to fill out a marriage license application.

Here’s the catch though, the Marriage-Hunting Bra is not actually going to be mass produced and won’t be for sale. Triumph – who unveils a new bra concept every 6 months – only created the Marriage-Hunting Bra to encourage more people to get married. Triumph was inspired by the recent best-seller Konkatsu-Jidai ("The Times of Marriage-Hunting") which looks at Japan’s declining marriage rate and the growing difficulty that people in their 30s and 40s face when looking for marriage partners.

Hopefully, the Marriage-Hunting Bra will inspire Japanese women and men to see the beauty of married/family life.


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