Manual Coffeemaker

Many people like to have a cup of hot coffee greet them first thing in the morning. It is an ideal way to start any day. Some people find the experience even more enriching if they brew that cup of Joe themselves. While there are now a number of coffeemakers available in the market for better brewing convenience, there are some people who like to take the effort in brewing the beverage daily. They want to make it right by having control over most of the brewing process. Some people also like to make it as simple as possible. This Manual Coffeemaker helps provide both in terms of simplicity and control over the brewing process.

The Manual Coffeemaker is designed with simplicity in mind. You do not see the typical coffeemaker but a simple setup of a counter top appliance. Constructed out of glass, this simple coffeemaker makes use of the pour-over method of coffee brewing. It brews coffee a cup at a time and features a slower process, just like what many coffee lovers want in order to get the most out of the ground coffee beans while brewing.

The funnel on top of the Manual Coffeemaker serves as the area for the paper filter where users set up the ground coffee beans. A cup is then placed below the funnel as the brewed beverage drips after pouring hot water over it. It is such a simple setup and a slow process that only the most passionate of coffee lovers can appreciate. The Manual Coffeemaker is a design product from the Craighton Berman Studio. Prototypes are currently being tested for the Kickstarter launch scheduled for this summer.

Image: Craighton Berman Studio

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