Man In A Maze iOS Game App

Puzzle games in the form of mazes are always fun to play with. There are people who just love to solve maze puzzles now and then. But simple mazes for iOS game apps should offer more excitement aside from just solving the maze itself. Having a maze adventure such as what the Man in a Maze iOS game app offers may be a good example to try out.

The Man in a Maze iOS game app in not just your ordinary maze puzzle game. It is actually an adventure set in a maze. This unique game app follows a game show setting where a contestant named Chuck. Not only is he entering the maze to win prizes, he also needs to avoid getting killed in the process. Inside the maze are patrolling robots and traps designed to stop Chuck from collecting diamonds and tokens. There are also some nifty gadgets and weapons that Chuck can collect inside the maze to fight back.

Since it is a game show with Chuck’s life on the line, there are many exciting prizes to win such as a tasteful vase to a cuckoo clock and even a dream car. Never has anyone risked his life for the chance to win such prizes in a game show. But life is a game and our hero Chuck knows it. The Man in a Maze iOS game app is now available at the App Store for a $1 download.

Image Source: App Store

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