Make Your iPhone Process Credit Card Payments With Square

Apple iPhones become quite capable devices as they are. That may be the reason why they have become so popular. But the innovations for this popular smart phone never cease partly due to the many other applications designed for it that will further make it quite versatile. But whoever would have thought that this smart phone can be used to process credit card payments?

Well, yes it’s true. It may now be possible for iPhone users to make use of their device to process credit card payments, thanks to a useful app developed by Square. It is an application that can enable entrepreneurs to process payments made via credit cards using the iPhone as well as the iPad and the iPod Touch. Once the app is downloaded, Square will be sending iPhone owners with a card reader that plugs into their Apple device that can be used to swipe credit cards into.

The process allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to use their device to accept credit card payments. The receipts are sent electronically and the transaction fees are being settled on a nightly basis rather than monthly. This handy application would surely be quite useful for small to medium sized entrepreneurs who may now have the means to accept credit card payments for their businesses. The Square app can be downloaded for free on Apple iTunes. The same goes for the card reader which will also be provided for free.

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