Maingear Nomad 15 Gaming Laptop

Maingear Nomad 15Many avid gamers are quite discriminating when it comes to the gaming gear they use. Most would prefer using a gaming desktop because it provides a better overall gaming experience in terms of performance. Serious gamers may have second thoughts about playing their favorite games using a laptop. But while there are now gaming laptops available, some gamers just do not feel that they can perform the way that gaming desktops can. But gaming laptops are fast gaining up on this gaming divide with the arrival of more powerful gaming laptops like the new Nomad 15 gaming laptop from Maingear.

The Maingear Nomad 15 laptop offers users with a desktop processing power in a mobile and portable laptop. It features a full desktop Z170 chipset powered by Intel’s Skylake i7 6700k processor. It also comes with a NVIDIA GTX 980M graphic processor and a 15-inch 4K G Sync display. This gaming laptop also supports Samsung’s 950 Pro SSD’s in Raid 0 which results in enjoying 3Gbps speeds when accessing your games.

The Nomad 15 also comes with other features such as a customizable backlit keyboard, THX TruStudio Pro for crisp and clear sound and a Killer E2200 network for the fastest connectivity. The Nomad 15 in now available at the Maingear website. Interested gamers can avail of the most affordable version for $1899.

Image Source: Maingear

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