Magnet Powered Spinning Top

If you are into some unique and mind boggling toys, you truly come from a limited group of people. But that doesn’t make you different from normal. It just so happens that you like to perplex others in one way or another. Well, you can silently perplex your friends or even strangers with this unique Magnet Powered Spinning Top.

The Magnet Powered Spinning Top looks like a small metal top that spins on a normal looking black base. But that is not all it does. You see, the top seems to spin perpetually and comes with a radially oriented magnetic field and the base houses a conductive coils inside.

As the top spins towards the center of the base, the changing magnetic field causes the electromagnet to switch on and deliver enough torque to speed up the top’s spin as well as make it spin away from the center, switching off the electromagnet. This allows the Magnet Powered Spinning Top to stay in perpetual motion for hours and hours without stopping. And since the electromagnet is not always turned on, the spinning top can last for about a week on one 9-volt battery. If it catches your fancy, the Magnet Powered Spinning Top is available at ThinkGeek for US$10.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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