Magic Wand Remote Control

After watching that Harry Potter movie, it won’t be impossible for some people to imagine what it might be like to have your very own magic wand. It might be quite exciting to have a magic wand that can make things work, like magic. Thanks to technology, anyone can have this Magic Wand Remote Control, so at least users may have some special wand that would work on electronic devices.

The Magic Wand Remote Control is a unique remote control designed as a magic wand. It can be used to control functions like volume, changing channels and others of electronic devices using merely hand movements rather than pushing buttons. Made with its own motion sensing accelerometer, the Magic Wand Remote Control can detect 13 distinct hand gestures that can be used to translate into typical remote control functions.

Changing channels may be done by moving the wand clock wise or counterclockwise. Volume may be controlled by moving the magic wand up and down. In the same manner, other functions can be made to react to other simple hand gestures, courtesy of the Magic Wand Remote Control. Compatible with most home appliances that use remote controls, this unique device is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for CAN$90.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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