Magic Mushroom Bluetooth Stick On Speaker

There are now many portable speakers available in the market to complement the many portable devices that have recently come out. They come out in different shapes and forms. However, most of the time, they only offer one function, and that is to boost the audio capabilities of your portable devices. It would also be interesting if these portable speakers come with added functions, just like what the Magic Mushroom Bluetooth Stick On Speaker offers.

The Magic Mushroom Bluetooth Stick On Speaker is a unique-looking portable speaker for your portable device. This mini-speaker is so-called because of its unique shape. It is round and looks like a mushroom from afar. But its design comes also with a function. It has a suction base that can stick into the back of your tablet or smartphone. By doing so, you can make it function as a device stand to hold tablets and smartphones upright. You can also use this function up on the front of your device to provide you with clearer and more direct access to the speaker.

As a mini-speaker, it operates on Bluetooth 3.0 to provide wireless connectivity. All you need to do is pair the wireless speaker to your portable Bluetooth-enabled device to make it work. It also comes with a built-in microphone to function as a speakerphone. This tiny speaker provides full bass functions to boost up the audio of your device speakers. The speaker also comes with its own rechargeable 450 mAh Li-ion battery for speaker power. The Magic Mushroom Bluetooth Stick On Speaker is available at Chinavasion for around US$21.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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