Magic Bulb Rechargeable LED Lightglobe

A common device can be redesigned to provide better features that make it all the more interesting. Take for instance the common light bulb. Most people would think that a light bulb is all there is to it and nothing more can be added to make it unique, except maybe giving it a change in looks or what have you.

But a recent IFA product exhibit from China showed that even the common light bulb can benefit by giving it a creative makeover of sorts. The Magic Bulb Rechargeable LED Lightglobe is a unique take of a common light bulb. It features a rechargeable LED bulb that can even light up even on power outages for as long as 3 hours. And since it uses a Led bulb, it is more energy efficient, providing light comparable to that of a 50W ordinary light bulb while using only 4W of power. The Magic Bulb Rechargeable LED Lightglobe can also be used as a portable flashlight when you take it out of the socket. It is available at the Asianproducts site for US$22.

Image Source: Asianproducts

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