Magellan Explorist 100 GPS

Magellan Explorist 100

The Magellan Explorist 100 is a pocket sized GPS receiver that can be used for recreational purposes. It can be an affordable option for people who like to use a GPS device when going out hiking or traveling on an occasional basis. Such people do not require the use of highly complex GPS systems that may also fetch higher prices on the market. A GPS receiver such as Magellan Explorist 100 would do just fine for the occasional user.

This handy recreational GPS receiver is rugged enough to handle the rough and tumble of that occasional hike or the stress of travel with its rubber armored and impact resistant plastic case. This gadget is also water resistant so you do not have to worry about it getting wet. This gadget features TrueFix technology which takes advantage of 14 parallel channels that provides reliable location accuracy within three meters. Its high resolution screen allows users to clearly see images put on display. A backlit feature allows users to see the information displayed in poorly lit conditions.

The gadget also features easy one touch control with easy to navigate menus that are simple to understand. Navigation information come in four screens such as Map, Compass, Locator and Satellite Status. The Magellan Explorist 100 has the capacity to store three track files with 2000 waypoints each. Using it requires no activation or service fees so it comes ready to use when purchased.

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