MacBook Air Gets an Update

Two and a half years after it was introduced, the 13-inch MacBook Air from Apple gets updated with a unibody construction and comes with an ultrathin 11.6-inch netbook version, both with “instant-on” feature. Consider it as a combination of the laptop and iPad.

The new MacBook Air measures .68 millimeters at its thickest, which slims down to a tiny .11 millimeters at the other end. Battery life for both models have a 30-day standby time, with the 13-inch model being usable for up to seven hours, while the smaller version can run for five hours straight. Other features include 802.11n WiFi, Core 2 Duo CPU, two USB ports, a MiniDisplay port, headphone jack, and SD card slot.

And in typical Apple fashion, the 11.6-inch netbook starts at US$999, while the 13.3-inch MacBook Air costs at least $1299.

Source: Apple, via CrunchGear

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