Macbook Air Features New Upgrades

The recent WWDC 2013 offered announcements and news regarding a number of Apple products. While most of them may be considered as upgrades, they do provide some things that Apple enthusiasts will be looking out for and expecting in the coming months. One of the recent announcements involves upgrades to the Apple Macbook Air.

Apple has announced that the Macbook Air will feature some welcome upgrades. One of them is a longer battery life. The 11-inch model will now have a 9-hour battery life from the previous 5-hour capacity. The 13-inch version will be upgraded to 12 hours for a full charge from the previous 7-hour battery life.

The upgraded Macbook Air will also have the new Intel 4th Gen Haswell dual-core processors. The 11-inch model with comes with a 1.5GHz Intel Core i5 while the 13-inch model will feature the 1.7GHz Intel core i7 processor. The new Macbook Air will also come with improved and much larger capacity flash drives. Both the 11-inch and the 13-inch models will come with 128GB of internal flash storage. They also come equipped with a faster flash memory, which performs 45 percent faster than the flash storage of previous Macbook Air models.

In addition, the upgraded Macbook Air will also come with faster wireless Internet connectivity featuring the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. It offers three times the speed of the older 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. The upgraded Macbook Air ultrabooks will come with the standard 4th generation processors and a 128GB internal storage. The 11-inch model will come at a base price of US$999 while the price of the 13-inch version starts at US$1,099.

Image Source: Apple

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