Mac vs. PC Chess Set

Mac vs. PC Chess Set

The battle has been going on for ages – or maybe just years. Either way, it looks like it’s here to stay – The Battle of the Operating Systems; The OS Wars; or just simply Mac  vs. PC.

However you like to call it, either side seems dead set on outdoing the other (I’m not one to complain, that only means more cool gadgets for us, right?).

Designer Adam Frederick capitalized on the OS wars and created a chess set made up of Apple and Microsoft pieces. From the design image, you can see Mac and PC products such as Zune, Xbox, netbooks, desktops, and iPods all lined up and ready to battle it out.

Hopefully a toy company picks up this concept soon – and that Adam Frederick polishes his creation a bit. Oh, and I’m hoping the "next edition" of the Mac vs. PC chess set features Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as kings.

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