Lytro, The Camera Of The Future

Digital cameras of today, even the most advanced models, lets you capture a single shot of a certain image for posterity. But for the camera of the future, it may be possible to take a single shot of that same image and then change the type of focus later on. This can give photographers a means to take a multi-focused image in just a single shot. This type of futuristic camera may now be made possible by the new Lytro.

The Lytro is a camera currently in the works that may enable photographers to capture a more versatile image of sorts. It allows photographers to change the focus of the image after it is taken. The Lytro makes use of a new type of sensor that captures and records the entire light field, or all the light rays present in an entire scene. Current sensors only capture all the light as a single amount of light.

Armed with this feature, the Lytro camera can allow the focal point of a photo to be adjusted according to what a photographer needs through a computer in the same way that images can be adjusted for color, hue or contrast on Photoshop. The Lytro’s sensitive sensor also makes it possible to take photos in very low light conditions and possibly 3D-like images using a single lens. According to the company, the first Lytro camera may be available as a pocket sized device that will be available sometime at the end of the year. They also say that this revolutionary device will be “competitively priced”, whatever that means. For now, you can try and check out some of the images taken using the Lytro camera at their website to see it for yourself.

Image Source: Lytro

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