The Lytro Illum Camera

Lytro IllumPeople first became aware of the Lytro light-field camera last 2012 producing unique images with adjustable depth of field and perspective. While it is the first camera of its kind, the device did not necessarily take off, in part for the camera’s unique box design and the low resolution output. Lytro is aiming to change all that with the new Lytro Illum Camera.

The new Lytro Illum takes on a design similar to DSLR cameras that photographers are familiar with. It still uses the technology that its first light field camera is known for. Since it is using a different technology, it also makes use of a different standard for its sensors. Instead of megapixels, Lytro uses units called megarays. The new Lytro Illum has a rating of 40 megarays, which is four times the power than its predecessor.

Every shot by the Lytro Illum is good enough to produce images that users can adjust the depth of field and perspective. And because it is designed similar to a DSLR camera, the size though may be a bit bulky with its long lenses. And at a price point of $1,599 may be a bit expensive for even avid photographers. But it is a good start for a device that offers a different type of photography.

Image Source: Lytro

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