Luvaglio's Million Dollar Notebook

Luvaglio Million Dollar Notebook

UK luxury brand Luvaglio has manufactured the first ever million dollar laptop. The full specs and details of the laptop are yet to be released, but it reportedly has a 17" widescreen LED screen with an anti-reflective glare coating specially designed for a brighter, crisper image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space, a slot loading Blue-Ray drive, and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. Probably adding to its rather high price is a very rare colored piece of jewelry that doubles as the power button; and when placed into the laptop, it also acts as a security ID.

Luvaglio will be choosing its very first clients for selection. They will be able to design their own laptop by visiting Luvaglio’s showrooms at a very select few high-end stores where the selected materials, finishes and accessories will be available for viewing.

Image source: gizmag

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