LunchCommunicator, a Lunch Box with Webcam and Awkward Purpose

A research group at Ochanomizu University in Japan has developed an unusual bento box called the LunchCommunicator. It consists of a clear lunch box installed with a Creative webcam and a Viliv S5 MID.

The purpose of this lunch box is a bit awkward. Once it is opened as your mother prepares your lunch, the webcam automatically records the whole situation until Mom closes it. And when it is opened again on lunch break, the lunch box plays back the preparation footage while you eat or while you try ignoring your lunch and you begin to feel guilty of not eating what your mother has prepared.

The webcam also records while you eat, so there is no escape from your mother if you plan on giving your lunch to an officemate instead.

Sounds like an ultimate guilt-tripping device.

Source: Gizmodo

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