LUMOBack posture-correcting band

LUMOBack posture sensor

LUMOBack posture sensor

Spending your hours in the office holed up in a cubicle could cause you to forget your proper posture. You may not realize it, but hunching over a keyboard gives out a perception of weakness, not to mention the numerous risks associated with poor posture such as chronic shoulder pain. LUMOBacks wants to change all that, one buzz at a time.

LUMOBack is a band worn around the waist, with the main unit placed on the small of your back. Once it detects you are slouching, it buzzes, alerting you to straighten your back. It also comes with an iOS app that provides more information, such as how many steps you have walked, how many times you have stood up throughout the day, and even a “posture score” that pits you against the average LUMOBack user.

The app also shows if your posture is correct while sitting. If the little man on the screen turns from orange to green as you sit up straight, you are doing it right. If it stays orange, you need to fine tune your posture.

LUMOBack posture-correcting device

The makers of LUMOBack has more plans for its mobile app, such as letting the band buzz to remind you to stand up every thirty minutes or so, as well as offer more detailed information about your posture.

The problem with LUMOBack, however, is if the wearer has a notorious bad posture. The band would keep on buzzing to the point you would feel like taking it off. John Biggs of TechCrunch, who tried the LUMOBack, wrote that it would keep on buzzing from his back even if he is standing straight. He recommends the device for people who sit in front of the computer all time; not so much for those who mostly stand up throughout the day or use the LUMOBack while exercising.

The LUMOBack is now available on its online store for $149.95.

Source: TechCrunch

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