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interactive projectorPlaying games is always an integral part of every kid’s day. Not only to kids have fun and enjoy, the activities they do can also play a big role in their continuous development. Play that combines physical and mental aspects help kids maintain a balance of fun and growth. While some toys or devices may only help kids develop in either aspect, there are now other upcoming gadgets available that can help strike up a balance in their development and growth while they are having fun. One such device is the Lumo Play Interactive Projector.

The Lumo Play Interactive Projector is a device that can combine fun into some interactive physical and mental activities. While it can act like a typical projector when attached to a wall, the Lumo Play does more that just display images on a flat surface. It features sensors that can detect movement and then reflect that on the display that it projects. This way kids can interact with the display such as moving the digital ball all around the interactive floor with their feet. This combination of projector and interactive display allows for the development of fun and interactive games that can get the kids moving while they are playing.

The development of the Lumo Play also includes allowing kids and users to develop their own interactive games without having to learn how to code. Users of this interactive projector can learn to make their own games that they can also play with their friends on the Lumo Play. And when the kids are a bit tired from playing, the Lumo Play projector comes with an HDMI input that allows users to use it as a regular projector to use for watching movies, videos or even for other game consoles. While the Lumo Play Interactive Projector looks like it could be quite a hit among the kids, playing with one might take a bit more longer. Interested parties may need to wait until next year for the interactive projector to be available in the market. For now, people can try out its features through the many public exhibitions the developers go into in order to showcase its capabilities. Expect to get the Lumo Play for around $499 once it becomes available for retail next year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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