Lulu App Rates Ex-Boyfriends

Ex-boyfriends, beware! There is a recently-launched app that is designed for women to rate and review their past dates. Lulu, which was available both for iOS and Android, is exclusively for the ladies residing in the United States. Guys are prohibited from accessing the app, making it a safe haven for women to grade their exes on a variety of aspects such as humor, first kiss, and sex.

How are guys banned from Lulu? A Facebook sync is required in registering. While there are probably ways for a determined ex-boyfriend to gain access to Lulu just to take a peek at his grade, we just hope the app has backup plans in such cases.

All females ages 18 and above can use their Facebook accounts in registering. They can add their former dates and upload their photos to the database. Lulu assures users that everything is done in completely anonymity: names are never revealed even by aliases, and activities are not posted on their Facebook Timeline.

Users, however, can share a guy’s profile with their Facebook friends. Hashtags like “#BigFeet” or “#SmellsGood” can also be added to the profile, making these characteristics searchable.

Before they get to rate these boys, users have to identify their relationship with them, whether they are a former girlfriend, a hookup or just a mere acquiantance. The Lulu app then asks questions such as “His jokes make me want…” followed by an array of creative multiple choices like “to make it stop” or “to smooch him.” After answering the questions, the app would sum up your answers into a simple review such as: “He might be allergic to commitment, but he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.”

Before dismissing Lulu as a venue for guy-bashing, the app developers claim that most of the reviews are actually positive and, in a way, enable men to find dates without them realizing it. Some females even use the app to promote their brothers or coworkers.

Imagine if there would be a male counterpart for this.

Source: Mashable

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