Lully Helps Get Rid Of Night Terrors In Sleeping Kids

LullyParents usually face a tough task of taking care of the kids as they grow up. One of the challenges is always trying to put them to sleep. Parents get through routines of waking up at night changing diapers, feeding the baby and help them go to sleep. As they babies grow, the periods of waking up at unholy hours lessens, but other problems remain. Kids may still experience problems sleeping such as having night terrors. This sleep disruption in kids can be quite bothersome. But there is now a new device called Lully that can help resolve these night terrors.

The Lully is a special device that can help get rid of 9 out of 10 night terrors. It does so by lulling the child to sleep by sending gentle vibrations from under the mattress. These vibrations not only helps get rid of night terrors, it also helps kids have better sleep quality as well. This is all based on research as the Lully was developed based on studies by Stanford University researchers.

In a way, Lully can also help parents get better sleep quality as a result of fewer disturbances of kids having night terrors. With a 90 percent reduction in night terrors, bot parents and the kids will have a more peaceful night of sleep regularly. Lully comes with an accompanying app that notifies parents when to turn the device on every night. It then vibrates under the child’s mattress for 3 minutes to lull the kids to sleep with fewer night terrors ahead. Lully is now available for purchase at the Lully website for $129.

Image Source: Lully

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