Luci Solar-Powered LED Lantern

The CES is not just about the big and expensive electronics, but also on practical and innovative items for the 99%. One good example is the Luci solar-powered lantern by New York-based company Mpowerd.

The company calls its Luci the “little solar lantern with a big impact.” It can generate as much as 1200 lumens of brightness, pretty impressive for a lighting fixture powered by the sun. Luci is ideal for people suffering through some type of natural disaster or those living off the grid. Sure there are cheaper ways to make solar light, such as filling a plastic bottle with water and bleach and attaching it through a hole on the roof, but we can say that for only $15.95, Luci is practical in the long run.

Luci gets its juice from the sun in six hours, then it lights up for six to 12 hours. It runs in three different modes: low, high, or a distress mode where it flashes in case of emergency. This lamp is also collapsible, lightweight, and has a lifespan of up to a year.

Mpowerd is also planning to launch a buy-one-give-one scheme for Luci. Buy one lamp and Mpowerd will provide another Luci to worthy organizations who are seeking “solar justice,” or winning the fight against energy poverty.

Source: Engadget

Photo credit: Engadget

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