Lucha Libre Becomes a Video Game

The Mexican high-flying wrestling entertainment will soon hit the gaming world as Immersion Games, together with Konami and Slang as distributors, bring you “AAA: Heroés del Ring.” Based on the popular lucha libre franchise, the video game lets you play as one of 30 Mexican wrestlers (or luchadores) of AAA promotions such as Konnan, Cibernético, and La Parka. Think of it as WWE, with the wrestlers either come in long hair or masked.

The game is more than just winning against an opponent. Bear in mind that lucha libre is all about entertainment and you have to win in a completely grandiose manner. You need to build up your character’s “popularity meter” in order to make special finishing moves. This is achieved by striking, taunting, and grappling your opponent.

Players can also create their own luchador, allowing you to customize the character’s physical characteristics, move set, and even the mask. There is even a story mode where you can play either as a good guy or the bad guy. How the story develops depends on these characteristics.

Because AAA is a Mexican franchise, the game features two sets of commentators: The authentic Spanish-speaking commentators from AAA as well as English-speaking ones. It is the game’s way of reaching out to a broader audience without losing touch to its roots.

AAA: Heroés del Ring will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP beginning August 10.

Source: CrunchGear

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