Luce Solar Powered Notebook

With notebooks becoming better and better, it won’t exactly do any harm making them environment-friendly. With green devices even becoming popular nowadays, having a green notebook would surely be welcomed by those who care about the Earth and everything in it. So it’s no wonder that there might just be a solar-powered notebook like the Luce someday.

The Luce Solar-Powered Notebook is in fact, a proof of concept device designed by Andrea Ponti. But it does provide some interesting features that might just make it quite attractive if there are manufacturers who might be interested in such a project. In the Luce Solar Powered notebook, double solar panels are fixed upon the top cover and under the keyboard panel of the notebook. The keyboard itself is quite interesting as it is actually a transparent touch keyboard. The notebook itself comes with a transparent siding to allow more sunlight to go through its solar panels to generate power. The Luce Solar Powered Notebook can be further explored at Yanko Design.

Image Source: Yanko Design

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