Lovot Companion Robot

Technology has allowed people to make instant connections despite distance. In fact, we are now living in a more connected world than ever before. But then again, this connectivity has brought about another level of disconnect. More and more people are now more attached to their mobile devices. It has come to a point where people prefer to check their phones rather than make conversations with each other. For people who have experienced this type of detachment, the Lovot Companion Robot may be able to help change things.

The Lovot Companion Robot can be the technological alternative for people who have difficulties trying to establish human connections. This robot is designed to help people learn how to nurture their capacity to love. While it is not capable of doing certain tasks, it looks for attention from the people it is with. The robot can even shy away from people it does not know. The adorable Lovot can even get in the way of its owners by following them around the house.

The Lovot Companion Robot will be sold in pairs. They both become adorable companions in that they both crave for their owner’s attention. When one hugs one of the robots, the other sulks and also craves to be hugged. This interaction can help give people a sense of release and happiness through caring. With its Emotional Robotics, touch sensors, and six-layered eye display, the Lovot has what it takes to stir people’s feelings and teach them how to show care. The Lovot Companion Robot is expected to be available by fall or winter of this year.  

Image Source: Lovot  

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