Lost Feline Locator

Losing a cat can cause a pet owner to worry a lot. Things become even quite hard if the pet cat doesn’t want to be found. In order to just give that concerned pet owner some form of relief, they can get their pet cat a device such as the Lost Feline Locator.

The Lost Feline Locator is a simple device composed of a homing tag that can be attached to a pet cat’s collar and a handset transmitter. The card-sized handset broadcasts a radio frequency tat can go through doors, walls and any other barriers to locate the homing tag. The handset contains 8 LED’s that illuminate in succession the closer it gets to the homing tag that the pet cat wears. There is also an audible tone that the handset emits that becomes louder the nearer it gets to the homing tag. The Lost Feline Locator comes with two homing tags that will allow tracking of up to two pet cats. The Lost Feline Locator is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$50.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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