Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

Current camcorders have become portable enough that they allow users to capture moments in video quite conveniently. But then again, most of the portable camcorders today still need to be handled by one hand at least when used. This might provide certain limitations in a way. It is something that a wearable camcorder like the unique Looxcie can address.

Just by the name of this device itself, the Looxcie may already be considered unique. Pronounced as “look-see”, this unique camcorder allows users to record video as it is being worn on the ear, just like a Bluetooth headset. It features a bendable earloop that can be adjusted so that the camera points and records to wherever the user looks, providing a first-person perspective to videos being recorded. A smartphone downloaded with a Looxcie app can be used to act as the Looxcie viewfinder to check if the camera is pointing in the right direction for recording.

The Looxcie can record and store up to 5 hours of video. Once the on-board storage becomes full, it purges the oldest video lips automatically to give way for newer clips. Videos taken by the Looxcie can be transferred to a computer via a USB port for convenient transfers. The Looxcie can also be used as a Bluetooth headset to accept incoming calls from a user’s smartphone good for 10 hours of talk time. The unique Looxcie is available at Amazon for US$199.

Image Source: Looxcie

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