LookTel: Mobile Phone App for the Blind

People who has a hard time seeing would appreciate the LookTel object identifier.  This phone app works by having the smartphone point at something and it tells you what it is.  You can even teach the LookTel to recognize new objects by putting an image sticker on a certain object, then record your voice describing the object.  Imagine the LookTel like a barcode or QR scanner, except that it recognizes images and even printed texts.

The LookTel is compatible with Windows Mobile smartphones and uses the phone’s touchscreen interface to navigate while utilizing the phone camera to recognize objects.  An object is identified by transmitting the image from the cell phone to LookTel’s BaseStation.  Once it receives an image, the BaseStation software sorts through its image library to find a matching image in its database.  The information is then sent back to the phone and describes the object for you.  Here is the demo video to give you an idea how it works.

LookTel is now available on its official website , although you have to call to know how much it is.  Probably expensive.

Source:  CrunchGear

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