Lookout mobile security app helps ward off thieves

Lookout anti theft app

Lookout mobile security anti theft app

While other mobile security apps focus on protecting your smartphones and tablets from malware and spyware, the Lookout app protects its users from a growing threat especially in the United States: thieves.

And while there are apps that lets users do perform a “kill switch” of sorts once your smartphone gets stolen, Lookout takes it up a notch by sending out alerts within minutes of when the app detects suspicious activity, all without user intervention.

Upon detecting the device was stolen, the app snaps a photo using the phone’s front-facing camera and record its exact location. Within minutes, the user receives a theft alert e-mail, including the “theftie” photo and a map of the gadget’s probably location. The message also provides resources to help you contact your carrier and file a police report.

While Lookout app is free on both iOS and Android, the Theft Alerts require a monthly or annual subscription of $2.99 or $29.99 respectively. Existing Lookout users are able to use the theft alerts for free until September.

Source: Mashable

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