Look@Me Emoticon Keyboard

look at me

Pega has come up with a keyboard that is inspired by the old and the new at the same time. The Taipei and Shanghai based gadgets company created a keyboard that is inspired by the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – an ancient picture language. PEGA has looked to this ancient language and decided that thousands of years later, picture languages are again part of our modern system popularized by the young people of our generation.

The Look @ Me keyboard makes use of half-symbol half-text art that young people use. The creators of this keyboard were inspired by how honest young people are in expressing their emotions. This keyboard also makes a statement with crossed intersection style symbols. They are reported to outperform formal languages when you are engaged in small talk. It shows people’s true feelings more than precise wording of formal languages.

The Look @ Me Keyboard has 40 emoticon elements and each of these emoticons can be used as eyes, mouth or nose. Go wild with all the cool expressions you can create!

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