Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550

Using a laptop may not be always as convenient to use without a flat desk to put it up on. And it might not be quite as comfortable using while placed on your lap. That is why there are options now available like the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550.

The Logitech N550 Speaker Lapdesk acts as a useful portable desk where you can place your compact laptop when using it. The lapdesk can be used just about anywhere you wish to use your laptop. It is made of soft air mesh fabric so that it feels good to use when placed on your lap. It also has heat shielding features that protects you from bothersome heat created by your laptop when you use it.

What makes the Logitech N550 Lapdesk unique is that it also has a built in speaker to provide better sound quality as you use your laptop. It makes use of a USB connector to both connect to your laptop and power the speakers. The Logitech N550 Speaker Lapdesk is available at Logitech for US$60.

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