Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315

Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315

Working with your laptop could take you anywhere.  You may end up checking on your e-mails while watching TV, watching a movie while lying in bed, or browsing the Internet in the front porch.  Either way, you end up feeling uncomfortable balancing your laptop on your lap or keeping the table from getting the brunt of heat given off by the laptop. 

This is why Logitech created the Portable Lapdesk N315 that keeps laptops 15 inches and smaller in place with the help of its anti-slip top.  It also has a retractable mouse pad for those who could not imagine using the laptop without a mouse and has an easy-to-clean surface.  The Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 is available in the United States and Europe, costing US$29.99.

Image source:  Logitech

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