Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3

Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3

The Logitech Harmony universal remote control can command almost every important piece of your home entertainment system, except for one notable device:  Your PlayStation 3.  That problem would finally be over in a few weeks as Logitech has unveiled a Harmony Adapter specifically for PlayStation 3.  Just plug it on any Harmony remote and the adapter converts the infrared prompts into Bluetooth signal that the console understands. 

The Harmony Adapter works with every Logitech Harmony remotes.  There are no compatibility issues whatsoever.  The adapter has controls for all 51 PlayStation 3 commands such as controlling your DVD and Blu-Ray Disc movies, navigating the XrossMediaBar, and even turns your PS3 on and off without using your game controller. 

The Harmony Adapter is compact and uncluttered.  It blends discreetly not only to your Harmony remote, but also to your whole home entertainment environment.  If you are having problems with the adapter or your Harmony remote, simply connect your remote to your computer and you are guided through every step with the help of our guided online setup.  This adapter uses AC power and Bluetooth wireless connection to communicate with your PS3.  Not only your remote works even when the console is on or off, it also keeps your USB ports available for more controllers. 

With the Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 in your, you can now control your entire home entertainment system.

Image source:  Logitech.com 

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