Logitech G18 Keyboard

Logitech g18 keyboard

Logitech designed its 618 keyboard specifically for game players. The keyboard comes with its own tiny display – a 320×240 Tiltable LCD GamePanel which shows really useful information from in and out of the game, including game stats, video playback, image slideshows, VOIP and may other.

It has 12 fully programmable G-keys (with three macros per key) that allow you to program up to 36 key presses. You can also use the standard feature MR key to record quick macros.

Multi-key input feature allows you to press up to 5 buttons at a time so you can perform several complicated actions.

Additional features include the user-selectable backlighting that helps you locate keys even in dim light, and the game/desktop mode which lets you disable the Windows/Context Menu keys so your game won’t be disrupted in case you press them accidentally.

G18 earns bonus points for having two hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports that allow you to transfer data to and from peripherals and charge your battery at the same time; and for its convenient one-touch control for instant media access and volume adjustment.

Available online and at various computer and gadget shops for $ 199.99.

Image source: Logitech

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