Logitec Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Necklace Headphone

To tell that you have the Logitec’s Dialive LBT-HP210C2BK necklace earphones and boast it maybe the most difficult thing to say, but why would one care about pronouncing the name if its display is worth all the praises anyway?

This stylish gadget, which originated from Japan, is a standard pair of Bluetooth 2.0 headphones with a small speaker connected to the two earbuds’ connecting cord. These headphones are really wearable and it has about eight hours of operating time for music and eleven hours exclusively for telephone calls.

The speaker has an integrated LCD display that displays the name of the person calling, with or without the music playing. A built-in microphone is also available which can be used for talking back by holding the speaker up to your mouth. Another nice feature is its support for Virtual 3D sound.

This gizmo is currently available in Japan for ¥8000. This is definitely a great gadget for a very reasonable price.

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