Logic3 i-Station Traveler for iPhone & iPod Touch

Logic3 i-station traveler for iphone

Logic3 presented the first speaker dock that is specifically designed for the iPhone. Although most iPod docks tend to work fine with the iPhone, Logic3’s portable speaker is placed on a horizontal orientation, allowing you to watch movies while the iPhone is docked. This dock is also compatible with iPods, PlayStation Portable, and MP3 players.

The i-Station Traveler is fit enough to be squeezed into a small bag or briefcase with its 6.6"x3.4"x1.25" brick design that looks like a slightly larger, slightly wider iPhone. The speaker panels slide open to reveal a platform that is capable of holding the iPhone on its side, as well as on a vertical orientation.

The portable also includes one speaker driver per left or right channel, a headphone plug connector that goes into the iPhone’s top, headphone port adapter, and your choice of either using four AAA batteries or an included power supply. However, this device failed us in providing interference-free audio despite its lack of Apple testing. You can still hear a low buzzing in i-Station Traveller when the GSM phone or EDGE date features are being used, although it is quieter than its previous models.

Overall, if not for its radio interference, the Logic3 i-Station Traveler for iPhone could have been a great product, but let it not distract you from its other notable features.

Image Source: logic3usa.com

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