Lockheed Martin Unveils USB Flash Drive, Not a Fighter Jet

Lockheed Martin IronClad USB flash drive

In an unusual turn of events, Lockheed Martin decides to veer away from its usual munitions, ballistic missiles, and fighter aircrafts it has been manufacturing and instead develops something we can all relate to:  a highly-secure USB flash drive tagged as a "PC on a stick."

The IronClad USB drive can stuff enough data that your laptop can handle, including the entire operating system and software applications, thanks to its 8GB storage space.  Users can now simply plug the flash drive into just any computer or laptop and have access to their own personal desktop.  IronClad automatically runs the operating system directly from the flash drive, keeping your files away from the borrowed computer so that it would not be traced by other people.  And device is also fully encrypted to deliver protection against the dangerous malware threats.

IronClad will be featured at the 13th Annual Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Kickoff Technology Policy Exhibition on January 26.  We are still not sure when it will be on sale.

Image source:  Lockheed Martin (PDF file)

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