Little-Known Carrier Brings BlackBerry Z10 to US Ahead of Everyone

Can’t wait for BlackBerry’s latest smartphone to hit the United States? One carrier is giving you just that before it hits the US market mid-March, thanks to Solavei.

Solavei what, you ask? It is a virtual operator based in the US, which hitches along with T-Mobile’s GSM/ EDGE/ UMTS/ HSPA+ network. The carrier offers unlimited voice, SMS, and data for a flat rate of $49 a month with no contract whatsoever. It even offers discounts if you sign your friends up to Solavei as well.

And starting today, Solavei is offering BlackBerry’s flagship BB10 smartphone for an unsubsidized price of $999. Too expensive for you? Consider this alternative: purchase the Z10 online in Canada (border crossing to pick up your phone in-store required), have it unlocked in the US (costs between $30 and $45), and use Solavei (or AT&T/ T-Mobile) as your carrier.

Or just wait until March. It’s just a month away, after all.

Source: GSM Nation, via Engadget

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