LithiumCard Hypercharger For Quick And Portable Standby Power

lithiumcard hyperchargerMany people nowadays carry along several portable devices with them. Aside from the smartphone, people also sometimes bring along a tablet, a music player and even portable speakers. Each one provides a feature that many consider as an essential convenience. But one concern about these multiple devices is their need for power. People now need to also bring along a portable power bank to provide some standby power in case a depleted device may need it. The new LithiumCard Hypercharger may be a good option since it also offers quick charging.

The new LithiumCard Hypercharger comes with features that many people would really appreciate. What is the difference the hypercharger has over other power banks out there? Well, it can charge your devices faster, just as if it is being charged straight from a power outlet. The LithiumCard Hypercharger can charge your device for up to one percent per minute. That is as fast as a power bank can ever get to charging a portable device.

What also makes the LithiumCard Hypercharger the convenient choice is that it is also quite thin. At 5.5mm thick, it is just about as thin as five credit cards, quite slim while having a powerful 1200mAh inside. The cabled connectors are built-in and pop out of the device, doing away with the hassles of tangling wires. The cables are also reinforced with Kevlar, making them durable and able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with constant use.  The LithiumCard Hypercharger is compatible with many smartphones and portable devices with its micro-USB or Apple Lightning connectors. This slim yet powerful hypercharger is available at Firebox for 40 UK pounds or around $63.

Image Source: Firebox

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