LithiumCard hypercharger infuses power twice as fast

LithiumCard hypercharger

LithiumCard hypercharger

Smartphones and tablets today can do a lot of things, but their batteries just could not keep up. They often end up running out of power before the work day could even end, thus paving the rise of portable batteries and charging cases. These convenient power solutions have its downfall, though. They can either be bulky yet charges the device fast or something slim that juices your gadgets at a snail pace. And then there’s LithiumCard hypercharger, which recently had its successful crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, exceeding five times its original $30,000 goal.

The LithiumCard is as thin as three credit cards stacked together, yet it powers your mobile devices as fast as larger portable batteries. Mashable performed a comparison test, pitting a LithiumCard prototype against Mophie Powerstation XL and Nokia DC-19 rechargeable battery. The website found that while it did not work like those nanotech batteries that charges phones in 30 seconds flat, LithiumCard hypercharger works faster than the competition while charging an iPhone 5S.

LithiumCard hypercharger

The portable battery, which works on both Apple and Android devices, also charges by itself as it juices up the gadget it is plugged into. It also sticks at the back of your device for convenience.

Those who have missed funding the LithiumCard hypercharger can join its creator LinearFlux’s mailing list to get you updated when pre-orders become available.

Source: Mashable

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