Literati Color E-Book Reader Coming in October

If you are like me who are used to color LCD screens on every gadget, it can be disappointing to learn that many e-book readers today come in a black-and-white screen called E-Ink display. Although it is more pleasing to the eyes, if you like to see the written text in a more colorful manner, then you are in luck as there are several color ebook readers coming your way, staring with Literati.

The Literati, manufactured by MechSource, may not have a touch screen, but its color display allows the user to browse the web and run many applications. It runs on a Kobo platform and will come bundled with 25 copyright-free books to get you start reading. You may also want to check the review made by New York Times.

The Literati is expected to be available in October for only US$159. Its launch will also compete with the $200 Pandigital Novel and $99 Copia.

Source: CrunchGear

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