Liquid Image Ego Mini Action Camera

Action cams have become standard equipment for those who are into action sports and want to record their exploits on video. And with  a lot more action camera choices now available than before, people have the option to choose what would work best for them in terms of size, quality and cost. For those who wish to use the tiniest of the lot for added convenience and lesser limitations in terms of range of movement, this new Liquid Image Ego Mini Action Camera would suit just fine.

The Liquid Image Ego Mini Action Camera is said to be one of the smallest of WiFi enabled action cameras ever to come out in the market. Measuring just 1.62 x 0.86 x 2.05 inches overall, it is even made smaller than its bigger brother, the Ego Action Camera. Unlike its bigger brother, the Ego Mini does not have a basic screen to view captured shots. But this tiny action cam can connect to an iPhone and Android devices via WiFi, which makes up for the lack of a viewing screen. It can provide live views for up to 400 meters distance between the tiny action cam and the mobile smartphone it connects to.

The Liquid Image Ego Mini Action Camera features a 130-degree lens, a 7MP CMOS sensor capable of shooting in HD quality and a removable battery for added convenience. This tiny HD action camera is expected to come out later this year and is estimated to cost around US$200 retail.

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