Linux-Based Pandora Handheld Gaming Console

While gadget stores have been selling units of PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS left and right, another handheld gaming console is slowly creeping up its sales without the glitzy ads and aggressive marketing. Makers of the Pandora handheld gaming console have announced that they finally shipped their first 1,000 pre-orders and are about to roll out 3,000 more in time for Holiday shopping.

So what makes Pandora special? Firstly, it works using Linux, an open-source operating system. It also functions as a miniature personal computer that happens to play 8-bit and 16-bit gaming emulators. The gadget was built by a group of hobbyists and not by a major corporation.

Because of its open-source nature, users can run almost anything into it. Some users have used their Pandoras as file servers, portable Internet devices, and other nifty gadgets.

Interested buyers can still pre-order for their very own Pandora, which costs US$349 or 330 euros, depending on your location. Take note that you need to pay in advance.

Source: Technologizer, via CrunchGear

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