Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter

Lynksys USB Bluetooth Adapter

The Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter brings local wireless connectivity to your computers equipped with USBs. With Bluetooth technology, this product lets you connect a variety of electronic devices together without any wires, making connections from your notebook to peripherals in an airport lounge (for instance) without all the cable clutter.

With the USB Bluetooth Adapter connected into a USB port on your notebook or desktop computer, you would be able to connect with with up to seven Bluetooth-enabled devices. This would bring ease in synchronizing the data in your PDA, transferring files to other computers, sending files to printers or fax servers, using a wireless mouse, keyboard, or telephony headset, or even using your mobile phone as a link to the Internet. It’s virtually your own "personal area network".

No batteries here, since it is powered directly from the USB port. The adapter also provide data security with Bluetooth’s 128-bit encryption and "frequency hopping" scheme. The Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter makes it easy to discover and connect nearby devices, thereby creating a whole new world of wireless connectivity.

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