Lightt: Instagram for Short, Looping Animated Images

Those animated images are the toughest to share online. Sure you could post photos of wagging fingers on forums, but social networks (except for the likes of Tumblr and Google+) seem to have an aversion to such images.

Finally, a new app for iOS called Lightt lets you create such images and share them with your friends. You may think you are creating GIFs as you capture short and soundless clips that play back in an endless loop, but actually it is a propriety file format.

Once you have recorded or “highlighted” a clip, you can upload them into the app and share them through Twitter or Facebook. Note that the default privacy setting is “public,” so check the settings before uploading your looping pics. Your friends, or the general public, could leave comments or likes on your images.

And if you insist on keeping your privacy setting to “public,” anyone with a browser can see your image feed. You do have the option to allow your pics be viewed only from within the app itself.

Sure, the app works similarly to Instagram, but apart that it only allows moving images for upload, Lightt also does not have filters to bring out the artsy-fartsy in you.

The Lightt app is now available for free in the Apple App Store. No word on whether it will arrive in other platforms.

Source: Engadget

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