LightForm Flexible LED Sheet

LightForm Flexible LED Film

LED technology really has come a long way.  Imagine installing light-emitting diodes not only on your car’s tail lights, but virtually anywhere on the vehicle’s exterior and interior, thanks to a revolutionary technology introduced by Indiana-based Grote Industries, which introduced the first commercially viable LED marker lamp 20 years ago.  LightForm is a paper-thin material lined with LEDs, which can be flexed, bent, twisted, and rolled. 

Each LightForm LED film measures 10 inches long, one-half inch wide, and a measly 1 millimeter in thickness.  Three films can be connected to each other illuminated even with just a single battery pack.  Custom car enthusiasts would find this material easy-to-use, as it is installed much like putting on a sticker, using familiar adhesives.  No need to drill holes, affix mounting brackets, and using traditional fasteners.  Because it is bendable and twistable, Lightform can be put on any corner, over contoured areas, and even with complicated shapes.  LightForm also passed a battery of stress tests, from salt baths, extreme humidity, heat, and cold.

Right now, the LightForm only comes in continuous illumination pattern but it is available in red, amber, green, and blue.  The company, however, is considering having them in never-before-seen light patterns and configurations.

Grote Industries has yet to reveal when LightForm becomes available in the market and expect a lot of eager enthusiasts forming a bee line for it once it comes out.

Image source:  Grote Industries

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