LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern And Water Bottle

LightCap 300

Avid outdoorsmen also look for convenience in their equipment whenever they can. Spending the night camping or on some other adventure usually require the basic necessities of food, water, shelter and light. Having the equipment to provide these needs with its features usually catches attention.

With this in mind, the LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern would surely be something worth looking into. It is not just any solar powered lantern; it’s designed to also function as a water bottle or a waterproof container. In fact, it looks more like a water bottle than a typical lantern. But what makes it unique is that it cap glows, thanks to four super bright white LED’s that allows it to function as a lantern on dark nights when needed. Power is provided by solar panels that can be charged during the day for use during the night. It is a unique gadget that provides any camper’s basic needs in a more unique way. The LightCap 300 is available at SolLight for US$30.

Image Source: SolLight

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